The Power to Multiply


Philcopy Cares, earlier known as Philcopy Corporate Social Responsibility (PCSR) was created in 2008 with all Philcopy Managers and Supervisors as its core members. The HRD Senior Manager, Ms. Cristina P. Mendoza and the AVP - Ms. Merle C. Oronan along with Assistant Managing Director, Mr. Rudy A. Uy were the pioneer officers of this organization.

The purpose of the PCSR's creation is to uphold and engage in social and humanitarian causes for the good of the community and our society.

Among its projects and activities were:

1. April 2009: Donations of 15 sacks of rice distributed to3 orphanages namely Hospicio de San Jose (Manila), White Cross Children's Home (San Juan) and Virlanie Foundation (Makati).
2. October 2009: Donation to Typhoon Ondoy employee/flood victims.
3. April 2011: Financial Assistance of Php 10,000.00 each to 15 Pediatric Cancer Patients in PGH.
4. 2010 - 2015: Financial Assistance to various employees who have been victims of calamities or serious illness/injuries namely: Arnold Banda, Jimmy Gabao, Jonathan Paz and Jordan Homo.
5. November 2015: Financial Assistance to Typhoon Lando employee/flood victims: Marilyn Martinez (CSR-Supplies, Manila) and Ellein Ronquillo (CSR-Cabanatuan).

Most recently, Philcopy Cares engaged in "Plant for Earth", a Tree Planting activity in Tanay, Rizal in partnership with the DENR and People's Organization wherein over 500 seedlings were planted in 1-hectare land to support the government's massive rehabilitation program.

Aside from the generous monetary contributions from the Supervisors and Managers which were matched by the Top Management, Philcopy Cares recently had its Philcopy Cares Shirt Fund-raising Project which aimed at increasing its funds to sustain its upcoming projects.

Now with 51 members including its newly elected set of Officers: Mr. Andrew G. Chiong - President, Ms. Maria Jesusita P. Santos - Vice President, Maria Feliche R. Marcelo - Secretary, Susana D. Diaz - Treasurer and Press Relations Officer - Pablito B. Pinili, Philcopy Cares is looking forward to more fruitful projects in the years to come.


The Power to Multiply