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SMART ID Card Printers

We are proud to introduce the newly enhanced Smart ID Card Printer. This Smart ID Card Printer delivers reliable performance, high quality and user convenience. It is ideal for small to medium-sized corporations, banks, schools and goverment facilities. Dual or single sided direct thermal printing of photos, barcodes, digitized signatures and various encodings.
Single-Sided ID Card Printing

The SMART-30S printer produces full-color or monochrome cards at the moment and it is the ideal solution to print ID cards on demand or in volume.

Single-Sided ID Card Printing
Printing beautiful cards is now easier than ever.
SMART is the perfect solution for personalizing graphic quality single-side ID cards.
SMART-50S printer produces full-color or monochrome cards in moment and it is ideal solution to print ID cards on demand or in volume.

SMART-50S Is suitable for any type of application that requires 
single-sided printing of ID cards such as:

Employee ID cards
Student IDs
Payment cards
Health cards
Leisure resort pass card
Identification cards
Transport pass card
Loyalty cards
Event cards etc.
The Superior quality of lamination printing for high security
The high quality of lamination printing for high-security ID cards!
The SMART-50L printer produces the long-life card for ID and access control with customize-able security features and ability to print smart cards.

SMART-50L Is suitable for any type of application that requires 
high security of ID cards such as:

National ID cards, Driver licenses
Government and Military ID cards
High security access controls ID cards
Law enforcement and correctional facility ID cards
Airport ID cards

Single-Sided ID Card Printing
ID card printers that don't break the bank. Printers in the SMART 51 line offer detailed imagery, high print speeds and a number of modular upgrades.
High-Volume ID card printer designed for large organisations.
High-performance large capacity ID card printer designed by the unique modular concept that can support various printer configurations to meet different user requirements.


The Power to Multiply